One Of a Kind Yoga Mat Drawstring Bag

One Of a Kind Yoga Mat Drawstring Bag

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Looking for a one-of-a-kind way to transport your yoga mat? Our yoga mat drawstring bags are the perfect solution!

Each bag is made with its own unique design so that no two bags are the same. It combines the use of traditional West Africian textiles and high quality comfort into a streetwear/lifestyle line. These bags are handcrafted in Ghana, West Africa. Once released to the market, no fabric/design is reproduced. A new design is produced for every single bag. 

Some of the profits from these bags go to fund the building of libraries in Ghana, West Africa.

Product details:
Weight (grams): 245g 
Length (inches): 31  
Height (inches): ⅛ 
Width (inches): 11 ½